Recording studios vary widely in services offered and needs met, and the scope is so broad that not all of the fine ones can be listed here. Following are a few of those most preferred by local musicians and producers. One more note: Recording studios almost never handle mastering, the process of actually transferring the music to vinyl. This is done by production and mastering companies, whose fees and volume amounts vary, and constitutes a whole other ball of wax, so to speak. BIAmmercialS -- 5400 Carolina Place, Springfield. 941-3333. Sierra/Hidley designed studios featuring two to 24 tracks, Dolby reduction, automated mixdown, inhouse engineers and instruments. Price range: $40 to 95 per hour. IMAGE FACTORY -- 5620 Dover Court, Alexandria. 750-9119. "We're a low-profile studio," says staff engineer Charles Thompson. "It's the musicians who dig us up, and we like it that way." Just entering its fourth year, the Factory offers basic eight-track services and digital two-track, full media services for commercial work. Booking time available at $50 per hour, just walk in. NO EVIL -- 1737 DeSales Street NW. 347-8864. Considered a renegade in its emphasis on sound experimentation, No Evil offers such new-wave technology as digital synthesizer equipment and such old-wave reliability as tube mikes and wood/cement acoustics for a "wet sound," according to staffer Nick Koumoutseas. Six-hour block, $400. OMEGA -- 10518 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington; 1420 K Street NW. 946-4686. Two to 24 tracks, Dolby, automated mixdown, inhouse engineers and instruments. Price packages $85-$100 per hour. State-approved engineering school, eight- and 10-week hands- on instruction; beginners $395, advanced $495. SOURCE RECORDERS -- 709 Whitaker Terrace, Silver Spring. 439-1399. A favorite of singer/songwriter Jon Carroll, this 16-track studio is current home to the Virginia Squires and George Michaels' Redskin Dirt Band. Producer/engineer Rico Petruccelli offers one straightforward price for recording/production/editing: $35 per hour. TRACK -- 8226 Georgia Avenue, Room 207, Silver Spring. 589-4349. Track is primarily artist-oriented, as opposed to making jingles and commercial tracks. Two- and 16-track services; $55 per hour for one to seven hours, $50 for eight or more hours.