Among D.C.-area dating services, ranging in price from $1 to

* Amis Inc., 1377 K St. NW, Suite 136. 543-MATE. Members record five-minute videotape dialogue with the matchmaker about background and interests, and then select tapes of other members. With mutual consent, introductions are made by phone. Membership fee: $75 to $200, three months. No limit to number of dates.

* Comdates, 333-8884. Three-page personality profiles are turned over to a computer, which makes the matches. Annual fee of $35 guarantees two matches a month.

* Connections Unlimited, 942-4599. Family-run business with a good number of middle-aged and elderly clients. For $29, matches every 2-3 weeks for three months, based on 60-question personality profiles. For additional $20, year-long membership. Occasionally offers free memberships to women under 30 and men over 60.

* The Georgetown Connection, 1656 33rd St., NW 333-6460. One of the first video dating services in the country. Members record a five-minute videotape, and then choose six to eight tapes per month of people they want to meet. Half-year membership, $350; one year, $450.

* The Georgetown Exchange, P.O. Box 32293. 337-5063. The least expensive service, and possibly the best bet for the "just curious." For a $10 fee, men and women record minute-long phone messages explaining who they are and type of date they're looking for. Each message runs for a week and has a code number for callers to use in writing, in care of the Exchange (including $1 service charge). To hear the women, dial 829-8705; the men, 829-8704.

* The Godmothers, Inc., 638-5151. "Executive heart hunters." New York-based, with branches in Washington and Philadelphia. Fee of $300 includes in-depth personal interview and three "carefully chosen" dates.

* Queen of Hearts, P.O. Box 34881, Bethesda, 387-4671. For a one-year fee of $52, members receive a minimum of five dates, based on responses to a questionnaire, which are "hand screened."

* Today For Singles, Inc., 495-6511. One of two dating services in the country for people with herpes. Matches are based on questionnaire responses. One-month membership and three dates, $15; three months, nine dates, $35; six months, 18 dates, $55. If, because of the specialized nature of the service, dates can't be arranged, memberships will be extended.