Not much is unanimous these fractious days. But when I asked last month whether Post readers would like to be told at the bottom of every Capitol Hill "issues" story how local congressmen voted, the drift was all one way.

"Yes!" said Paul H. Hudrlik of Silver Spring. "Senate and House members are much more likely to act responsibly if they know that every major vote is reported in the newspapers . . . . "

"Yes!" said Barbara B. Aulenbach of Beltsville. "The fact that some articles contain this information now indicates that it is possible to do."

"It may be a far-fetched hope," writes Len Lurie of Wheaton, "but publication of voting records might move a few potential voters to get out and vote."

Even one member of Congress praised the idea.

"I think I speak for my local colleagues when I say that we encourage more publicity of our voting records. It will help promote feedback from constituents and hopefully interest more citizens in studying the issues," writes Beverly Byron, congresswoman from Maryland's 8th District.

OK, gang. I hear ya. A memo goes off this morning to the brass, reporting 267 letters in favor of publishing congressional votes and none against. The final decision is up to the editors, but your voices have been heard in this corner, loud and clear.