When you call up the Best Little BBS in Arlington--an area electronic dating network--you may find messages like these on your computer screen: TO: ALL FROM: ANONYMOUS SUBJ: HI

Girls, are you in search of a wealthy, witty, bronze god of a man, bursting with charm, intelligence and brawn? Well, if I run across any I'll let you know, but in the meantime, I'm available. ****** TO: ALL FROM: DEBBY SUBJ: COMPUTER PALS

Relatively new user of BBS's here. I got on Monica's board for the first time tonight . . . I am hooked on certain BBS's as well as live music, scientific topics, fun-loving traditional type people as well as serious sensitive types. I'd like to be a computer pal with people first. The rest . . . we'll see about later . . . ****** TO: DEBBY FROM: ANONYMOUS SUBJ: MAKING FRIENDS

I have "met" several people using the CB Simulator on CompuServe . . . Like most encounters with strangers, unless the two people have something in common, they rapidly run out of interesting things to say. It is fun, however, to fantasize about what the other person looks like, behaves, etc. ****** TO: ALL FROM: MIKE SUBJ: WELCOME!!

I'm 29, divorced, 6', 165 lbs, brown hair & eyes, into computers, light & moderate jazz, classical, live theater, good conversation. Don't get into the bars or disco type of arrangement. I feel that meeting on a BBS like this gives two people at least one thing in common to start talking about . . . Drop a line, and let's see if we can get this section going.