The mere mention of the word "negotiation" can stir insecurities in the hearts of some women. the New Phase Career Center, a division of the Montgomery County Commission for Women, is offering as one of its special seminars "Negotiating Techniques for Career-Minded Women."

The two-hour program, open to residents of all counties, consists of brief lectures, role-playing (to clarify negotiating techniques) and a general discussion period to help women learn the at-once deliberate and accommodating process.

Among seminar highlights: when to negotiate (whether it's to ask for a raise or to discuss housekeeping responsibilities),preparation, tactics and counter-tactics.

"Know what you want," says one counselor. "If you don't, you won't get it."

Among other reminders:

* Make a list of questions and answers, those you're likely to be asked and those you want answered.

*Remember that when negotiating for a salary increase or perks, your past performance record is your leverage. Don't ask for a raise when you need it, but when you've made a major contribution of time or effort.

* Deal in specifics. Have options available for discussion.

* Take a "thought break" if necessary and ask to be excused for a few minutes.

* Use a well-placed silence. It can speak volumes, and it can buy time.

* Be prepared for "sidetracking."

The seminar also helps women assess their attitudes toward money with such questions as, "Do you think it is in poor taste to discuss money?" "Is your salary tied to your own feelings of self-worth?"

The session, say participants, is like a "dress rehearsal" for negotiating in various areas.

The New Phase Career Center's next negotiation seminar is scheduled for Nov. 9, 7-9 p.m. Fee: $4. Reservations required.

For more information: New Phase Career Center, 100 Maryland Ave. 5th Floor, Rockville, Md. 20850. (301) 279-1800.