Following is a sampling of goose-hunting guides who will try to get a limit of Canadas for you -- at a price. The list for Maryland's Eastern Shore was provided by Gene Mueller, the information for Virginia's Eastern Shore by Hank Burchard. MARYLAND JACK MOORE -- Centreville, 301/758-1599. MILL CREEK HUNTING FARMS -- Wye Mills, 301/822-4934. JANE HARDING -- Southeast Creek, 301/758-2394. SONNIE CONLEY -- Tilghman, 301/886-2363. WALLACE HARRISON -- Easton, 301/822-7591. HENRY & PETE HAMPTON -- Queenstown, 301/827-8971. RICHARD MANNING -- Chestertown, 301/778-3276. KENT ISLAND RECREATION SERVICE -- Chester, 301/643-6438. WINTER FARMS HUNTING -- Crumpton, 301/928-5286. NOVAK & HIGGINS -- St. Michaels, 301/745-2844.

If your favorite hunting area isn't included above, drop a note with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Maryland Wildlife Administration, Tawes State Office Building, Annapolis 21401, and ask for additional listings of commercial waterfowl hunting guides. VIRGINIA Waterfowl gunning on the southern end of the Delmarva Peninsula -- Accomack and Northampton counties -- is plentiful but far less commercialized. Most hunters use their own small boats in the thousands of acres of public marsh that lie between the mainland and the Virginia barrier islands. But anyone lacking local knowledge would be well advised to hire a guide the first time out, or at least to seek and heed advice from the watermen of whatever community is being used as a base. Lacking Maryland's vast cornfields and consequent vast flocks of geese, the Virginia guides work harder, for less money, to find ducks and geese. Some who can be counted on to provide delightful days: CHINCOTEAGUE -- Carlton ("Cork") McGee 804/336-5236. WACHAPREAGUE GUIDE SERVICE -- Randy Lewis, 804/787-2105. ACCOMAC -- Grayson Chesser 804/824-3566.