We've heard jewelry described as "knockout," but killer jewelry?

U.S. Customs agents were deadly serious Monday when they confiscated a steel-spiked wristband of new wave singer Grace Jones in the Toronto airport as she prepared to board a New York-bound flight. Jones was strip-searched and eventually released. The bracelet was confiscated as a prohibited weapon.

Jones, 32, was returning from Toronto with her boyfriend, kick-boxing champion Hans Lundgren, and with Angelo Colon, who follows her everywhere and plays a "clone" in her act. According to New York press agent Claire O'Connor, a spokeswoman for Jones, the bracelet, which Jones uses in an S&M-style routine, was discovered in one of Colon's pockets during a routine airport search. "Because he was part of Grace's entourage, they arrested Grace," said O'Connor.

Jones and her entourage arrived for the morning flight after a weekend in Toronto, where they had filmed a concert segment for a television pilot called "Scandals," to be aired later on Home Box Office. In the performance Jones wore the bracelet, which has one-inch spikes, around her wrist and over her knuckles. According to O'Connor, Colon had bought the bracelet in Paris.

"In Canada such bracelets with steel spikes are classified as prohibitive weapons," said a detective with the Peel Regional Police, which has jurisdiction over the airport. He said he understood that the bracelet was found in the singer's luggage, but could not confirm this.

Once the bracelet was discovered by U.S. Customs agents, Jones was turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who in turn placed her in the custody of the Peel Regional Police. The strip search "is common practice for everyone's safety," said the police detective.

Studded bracelets, once the sole province of the S&M crowd, became popular with the Punks in London in the mid-1970s. By the end of the decade, as black leather became an increasingly popular fashion, the studded bracelet was co-opted by the fashion crowd and now is a popular high-tech or punk-style accessory.

Jones and her entourage missed their morning flight but arrived in New York later Monday. "She was very upset," said O'Connor.