Nearly 7 out of 10 American parents (69 percent) involve themselves in their children's homework every day or nearly every day and an even greater number (75 percent) say they encourage their children to research answers to their homework questions either at the library or with reference books at home.

These and other statistics, based on a national sampling of 675 parents, are contained in "The Grolier Survey: What Parents Believe About Education." The survey, conducted by Research & Forecasts Inc., was released today by Grolier Inc., a publisher of encyclopedias and children's learning materials.

Among other findings:

* 97 percent of the parents believe the primary purpose of education is to add to the general quality of a person's life.

* 75 percent feel the primary purpose is to attain financial success.

* 81 percent say their children either read or are read to at least three times weekly.

* 88 percent feel they should have some degree of involvement in creating course requirements for students in their local schools.

* 63 percent say they speak with their child's teacher frequently or occasionally concerning the child's progress.

* 60 percent support improved teacher salaries.

* 14 percent favor an 11-month school year (it's now about 10 months); 8 percent chose year-round school; 7 percent opted for a shorter school year, and 71 percent elected to keep it at 10 months.