Three lead singers from now-defunct London new wave bands--Lydia Lunch, formerly of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks; Marc Almond, late of Soft Cell; and Nick Cave of the now-defunct Birthday Party--got together at the 9:30 club Thursday night under the moniker of Immaculate Consumptive, and created a pretentious, cacophonous celebration of eccentricity for its own sake. This "event" will be repeated only at New York's Danceteria nightclub.

The trio lurked around the gloomy stage, backed by an impenetrable wall of murk--a prerecorded tape full of electronic noodlings, ponderous piano banging, squalling saxophone and minimal melody or rhythm.

Looking like a tart at a funeral, with her ratted black hair and black lace corset, Lunch launched into an interminable dirgelike number, full of whines and wails. Her piercing, mournful voice is interesting, but on this messy material, Lunch often sounded as if she was losing hers.

Almond's mostly morbid lyrics were largely unintelligible, and though he has a striking, melodramatic tenor, it was more interesting to watch his Liza Minnelli/Gypsy Rose Lee cavortings. Almond and Lunch were unintentionally hilarious as they paired for a duet, the demimonde's Sonny and Cher, singing things like "Misery loves company, but tonight it's just you and me." Cave's talents seemed to be an ability to keep his foot-high bouffant in place and to scream and rant on the beat. The 9:30 should have booked this one for Halloween.