There are good samaritan stories, and then there are good samaritan stories. Get a load of what these (unfortunately) anonymous benefactors had to overcome to help Mary Moses of Silver Spring.

"During a torrential rainstorm, which had subsided somewhat, I was helping carry the groceries out of the back seat of my car, which was parked on a steep hill in Northwest D.C.

"In some way, my pocketbook, which was on the front seat, fell out of the car and was swept into the flowing gutter and into the storm sewer at the bottom of the hill.

"A young man appeared out of nowhere, dressed in swimming trunks and barefooted, who said, 'No problem.' Whereupon another young man brought a coat hanger out and the pocketbook was retrieved.

"Another gentleman was able to get the manhole cover off and the first young man said, 'I see something red down there.' The first young man hung onto the pavement with both arms and retrieved my wallet with his feet, the rain still raging in the storm sewer. This took, it seemed like, at least 10 minutes. Needless to say, I couldn't thank him enough" . . . .

Whoever you are, gents, I hope someone pays you back in kind some day. You've earned it.