When our Jimmy turned 1 we had the grandparents in for ice cream and cake.

When Timmy up the street turned 1 they had a party with streamers hanging from the trees and helium-filled balloons for everyone.

When Jimmy turned 2 we had a party with individual pin atas for everyone, filled with balloons and candy, hanging from the trees.

When Timmy turned 2 they had clowns and magicians who made kittens, puppies and bunnies appear from their sleeves and banana splits from their hats.

When Jimmy turned 3 we had clowns dressed as Sesame Street characters who took the kids for rides in an old jalopy.

When Timmy turned 3 they had a mock-up of the Sesame Street set built in their back yard and hired all the actors for the day and took the kids for rides in a police car.

When Jimmy turned 4 we went by bus to an ice-cream parlor.

When Timmy turned 4 they went by double-decker bus to an ice-cream parlor and a movie.

When Jimmy turned 5 we went by fire engine to a pizza parlor and a miniature golf course.

When Timmy turned 5 they went by Army tanks to a pinball alley, roller-skating rink and swimming pool.

When Jimmy turned 6 we rented the zoo and rode elephants.

When Timmy turned 6 they rented Atlantic City and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

When Jimmy turned 7 we went by steamboat to Busch Gardens.

When Timmy turned 7 they went by hot air balloons to Disneyland.

When Jimmy turned 8 we went by jet plane to Hawaii.

When Timmy turned 8 they went by chartered boat to London and Italy.

When Jimmy turned 9 we went by spaceship to the moon.

When Timmy turned 9 they had moved away.

When Jimmy turned 10 we had ice cream and cake and the kids played baseball in the park.