A sampling--with manufacturers' claims -- of educational software recommended by EPIE, the Educational Products Information Exchange:

*Snooper Troops I: The Granite Point Ghost. Creative whodunnit for ages 10 to adult. Spinnaker Software Corp., $49.95.

*Spellagraph: Combines spelling practice with word-picture puzzle. Grades 2-8. Design Ware, $39.95.

*Learning with Leeper: Four activities to teach 3- to 6-year-olds to count, match shapes and letters, and negotiate a maze. Sierra On-Line, Inc. $34.95.

*Math Blaster: Drill and practice in basic arithmetic, fractions and decimals. Five difficulty levels and variety of formats, including a video game. Ages 6-11. Davidson & Associates, $49.95.

*Volcanoes: Simulation of a geological expedition. High school and college. Earthware Computer Services, $49.50.

*Songwriter: Combines graphics and acoustics for experimentation with musical time and melody. Ages 5 to adult. Scarborough Systems, Inc., $39.95.

*Paint: Pictures created by controlling the colors, "brush strokes" and speed of the cursor. Two levels: early readers and adults. Reston Publishing Co., Inc., $39.95.

*Explorer Metros, A Metric Adventure: Life-and-death decisions for space explorers, based on estimates of metric units. Sunburst Communications, $49.

Among sources for selecting educational software:

*The Yellow Book of Computer Products for Education. Directory of software recommended by the National Education Association Educational Computer Service, 4720 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, Md. 20814. (301) 951-9244. $20 subscription fee.

*EPIE & Consumers Union Micro-Courseware Evaluations. Detailed analyses of instructional merits. Available at some area schools.

*ComputerKids, Inc. Computer training center specializing in educational software. Youngsters can take courses and sample the latest software by renting computer time for $20 membership and $4 an hour. 833D Rockville Pike, Wintergreen Plaza, Rockville, Md. 20852. (301) 279-5556.

*Capital Children's Museum Future Center. Computer classroom with library of Atari software open to the public on weekends. $3 an hour. 800 Third St. NE., Washington, D.C. 20002. (202) 543-8600.