It figures that a rock quintet that calls itself Natural Scientist and releases a mini-LP called "Anaesthetic of Love" would favor lyrics open to a multitude of interpretations, most of which would appear profoundly pretentious or downright silly in print. Or both.

No matter. Natural Scientist has other things going for it. The band's five-song LP is brimming with catchy choruses, tasteful guitar figures and beckoning rhythms. In Boris Forrest and Stuart Baldwin, the group boasts a couple of fine guitarists who combine twangy arpeggios, jagged leads and concise rhythmic chops to create evocative guitar weaves on such songs as "Love Jungle" and "See Thru You." Without attempting to decipher the cryptic lyrics, which are often fashionably buried in the sound mix, let's just say the familiar rock'n'roll themes of pleasure, pain and passion apply to most of the songs.

When the guitar blend is augmented by Pete Marsh's keyboards (as on "Pleasure") or Neil "Fee" Crossley's fat and funky bass lines (on "7 Not 17 Ways") the results are always appealing -- and usually a delight for dancing. NATURAL SCIENTIST -- "Anaesthetic of Love" (Dental Records DREP 3184); appearing Friday at Club Saba.