It must have been a hard letter for Lucille G. Dulin of Alexandria to write. But I'm glad she did it, because she deserves our sympathy. The creep who caused her anguish deserves a lot less.

" . . . .The body in the hearse was my husband's," Lucille writes. "We were taking him to Quantico National Cemetery for burial. As we came off 495 onto 395 south at the Springfield exit, a huge truck came barreling down beside us and the driver was not hesitant in using his horn.

"He kept blowing the horn and edging closer to our car and tried to run us off the road . . . .Anyone could see it was a funeral procession, but this congenital idiot felt he had the right of way."

If you're familiar with this intersection, you're probably guessing that the truck driver wanted to get off at the Franconia or Springfield exits. To do that, he would have had to cross the lane of traffic that the funeral cortege occupied, and two others.

But no: this truck driver continued south on 395. Which made his behavior utterly inexplicable.

"After we arrived -- safely, thank God -- at the cemetery, the driver of the hearse was shaking and said he had never seen anything like that," Lucille writes.

"Bob, I have been angry ever since. It's enough to be burying your husband whom you watched slowly die. But to have idiots like that on the burial day was too much. I hope whoever was doing the driving of that truck will read this and hang his head in shame."

I hope so, too, Lucille. I also hope he'll cool his heels in jail the next time he tries it. Lest there be any doubt: a funeral procession has the right of way. Today. Tomorrow. Everywhere.