More and more adults are returning to the piano, according to Edward J. Kasouf, president of the Washington Music Teachers Association.

"My adult students," he says, "range from their early twenties to mid-seventies and the reasons that they play range from physical -- it helps one of my pupil's arthritis -- to the fact that they just have more leisure time to be filled. Not everyone wants to spend their adulthood watching the tube."

Says Brenda Dillon, assistant executive director, National Piano Foundation: "In the high-tech world we live in, adults just seem to crave tactile skills like playing the piano. They want something simple that they can do and the piano seems to fit the bill. It may be significant that a lot of computer programmers take up the piano. My classes are filled with folks wearing beepers.

"Also, many adults pick up right where they left off as children. That old information is stored just waiting for some more lessons to let it out."

A sampling of Washington-area piano instruction keyed to adults:

American University: "Has the Inner You Always Wanted to Play the Piano?" Meets weekly on a semester basis, $80. (202) 885-3960.

Catholic University: The Washington Center for Musical Arts affiliated with C.U. offers individual lessons on a semester basis. 14 half-hour lessons, $195; one-hour lessons, $375. (202) 635-5414.

George Washington: Private lessons for college credit. (202) 676-6000.

University of the District of Columbia: Continuing Adult Education offers classes and individual lessons for credit. Also, a beginning piano class for adults that starts Friday. (202) 727-2314.

For listings of teachers who meet the National Music Teachers Association requirements:

Maryland Music Teachers Association: (301) 229-2289.

Virginia Music Teachers Association: (703) 241-2722.

Washington Music Teachers Association: (202) 682-3978.