WHY WAIT for the reviews to come in when you can write your own? On the back of Beru Revue's debut album, "Be Careful Tonight," appears a patchwork of obviously bogus articles, including one that expounds on the merits of the Revue itself, "Philadelphia's Most Original Band."

Mention is made of the Revue's "unique brand of tomfoolery," its tantalizing "wit and wisdom," to say nothing of just how "polished, powerful, insightful and irresistibly charming" this band really is.

If only Revue's album were this entertaining.

Not that this live recording is an utter disappointment. Actually, it's the creation of a rather endearing and quite capable rock sextet. Certainly the band's playful spirit and satirical lyrics are refreshing and even amusing at times. Such songs as "I Got a Job," "Casio Selector" and "Hoods a Go-Go" are indeed witty commentaries on modern life. Unfortunately, the Revue betrays a debt to such rock pundits as Frank Zappa, Ian Dury and Tonio K. far too often to substantiate its claims of originality for very long.

As for the Revue's "boisterous floor show," you'll have to check that out for yourself.

BERU REVUE -- "Be Careful Tonight" (Straight-Face Records SF-1184); appearing Friday with Root Boy Slim at the Wax Museum.