TO DESCRIBE Risa Jaroslow as a fluid dancer is to understate the point; watch this woman move, and you think of honey, waterfalls and silk. Even her dark, shoulder-length curls get in on the act, swirling through space with her.

Yet just when you're thinking that Jaroslow is some avant-garde pussycat, she reveals a subtle strength. Suddenly her wrist snaps back, she grinds her fist into the floor, her facial muscles tighten and the dance takes on a whole new look.

The effect is intensified when the three other members of her all- women company join her onstage. Each is able to inject a steeliness into the plushest sort of dancing.

Though Jaroslow's choreography is not specifically "about" anything other than the movement itself, one can pull vivid ideas and images from her work. One piece she'll be performing on her program this weekend at the Dance Place is entitled "Guerrilla War"; while she dances swiftly -- at times frenziedly -- and alone, a taped narrative refers to a foreign place, a car, a woman forced to take sides.

A work for three performers, "Fine Line," grows out of the concept of order in the midst of chaos, and features great bursts of running and much conferring and separating. So it goes with the rest of her works: Jaroslow suggests and provokes, leaving each spectator the option of putting her intriguing shards of movement and sound together in whatever way seems right.

RISA JAROSLOW AND DANCERS -- Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at The Dance Place. Tickets $7, $6 for students and seniors. 462-1321.