Raya Bodnarchuk's art -- in its colors, craft and subjects -- is often charming-chunky. Everything she does avoids the smooth deception. Her statues and collages, now at Georgetown Court Artists' Space, 3251 Prospect St. NW, declare just how they were made.

She made the bright red horse that gallops underneath the moon by silk-screening a sheet of paper a brilliant, bloody red and then cutting out the animal. The horse she came up with is not glued down completely: She wants the viewer to remember that this is a collage. The dogs she bluntly carves from blocks of wood are just as loyal to their materials. The wood retains its blockiness. These likable objects are half wooden block, half dog.

Her painted life-size wooden people, the first she has made, are less successful. Because people stand up, and because the artist carves her figures out of tree trunks, her figures have to hug themselves. They cannot spread their arms. Bodnarchuk's dogs, like real dogs, sniff and snooze and aren't afraid to be slightly foolish. Her less convincing people pose with eerie stiffness. And their odd, smoothed faces are something less than human. Bodnarchuk is also showing charcoal drawings of Glen Echo Park at night at the gallery there. Her Washington exhibition closes Nov. 13.