The biggest challenge in costuming "The Imagemakers," one of several films currently being shot in Washington, was finding clothes to fit star Michael Nouri. According to Catherine Adair, wardrobe coordinator for the film, "he's an extraordinary shape." Nouri wears a Size 44-long jacket with a 37-inch sleeve and has a 33-inch waist. "We tried piecing suits from stock, but that was a waste," Adair said. "We had to have his clothes made to order. Miraculously, everything was made in four days."

Raleigh's provided the custom-made clothes for Nouri, as well as off-the-rack styles for others in the cast. Hal Weiner, director of the picture, asked for "an establishment look with flair," according to Adair. Nouri, for example, wears a tweed jacket, blue shirt, pleated gray flannel trousers and a Liberty tie. "We had to balance what Washington really looks like and how the rest of the country sees Washington," Adair explained.

Extras in the film were asked to bring an assortment of their own clothes. "I chose things that would make them look like real people, not fashion plates. People in the streets don't look like people in magazines." She raided the wardrobe of Suellen Estrin, wife of the film's executive producer, for the high fashion styles and accessories that Anne Twomey wears in the film.

For the flashbacks to 1981, the clothes had to be changed, and so did the hairstyles, done by Sylvain Melloul of Visage. Melloul had another, even bigger, problem: coping with the humidity.