We all know that F.D.R. was the only candidate ever to win more than two presidential elections, that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was our youngest president and that Abraham Lincoln should never have gone to the theater.

But how much do we really know about the men who have sought the office and led our country since George Washington was first elected president in 1789?

Who, for example, was the first president to be photographed at his inauguration?

Can you name the presidential candidate who waged his political campaign from a prison cell?

Do you have any idea which former vice president was sworn into the nation's highest office by his own father?

There's only one way to parade the presidential prowess you possess: by taking this special trivia quiz.1. He was a frontrunner for the 1968 Republican nomination until he told a TV reporter he supported American involvement in the Vietnam War because he'd been "brainwashed" by U.S. diplomats while on a trip to Saigon. Overnight, this former governor's campaign derailed and he promptly faded from the race. Name him.

A. Nelson Rockefeller

B. Henry Cabot Lodge

C. George Romney

D. Edmund Muskie 2. Six presidents have shared the first name "James." Name five.3. This election-related amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed through Congress faster than any other. Which was it?

A. 19th Amendment (1920) -- granted nationwide voting rights to women.

B. 22nd Amendment (1951) -- limited the presidency to a maximum two terms for any one person.

C. 24th Amendment (1964) -- declared unconstitutional the payment of a poll tax for the right to vote in federal elections.

D. 26th Amendment (1971) -- reduced the voting age to 18 in all local, state and national elections.4. Just five years before being elected to the nation's highest office, this president dismissed the possibility of ever again running for office by saying, "Anybody who thinks I could be a candidate for anything in any year is off his rocker." Name him. 5. Who was president at the turn of the century? 6. Even though he served as vice president under F.D.R., Harry Truman had little regard for our nation's second highest office or the men who have held it: "They were about as useful as a cow's fifth teat." Which of the men listed below have held this often anonymous office?

A. Charles Dawes

B. Martin Van Buren

C. Schuyler Colfax

D. All of the above 7. Name the first president to be born in this century.

A. Dwight Eisenhower

B. Richard Nixon

C. Lyndon Johnson

D. Ronald Reagan 8. It was the closest presidential race in American history: Though more than 68 million ballots were cast, the race was decided by less than 120,000 votes. Name the candidate who lost this 49.5 to 49.4 percent squeaker.

A. Thomas Dewey

B. Richard Nixon

C. Hubert Humphrey

D. Adlai Stevenson 9. Virtually every president has had a confidant: a powerful chief of staff or special assistant. Match the presidents with their trusted advisers.

A. Clark Clifford

B. Bill Moyers

C. Hamilton Jordan

D. Richard Cheney

1. Jimmy Carter

2. Gerald Ford

3. Harry Truman

4. Lyndon Johnson 10. Nixon and Humphrey were the leading party candidates in the 1968 presidential race, but three other men -- George Wallace, Eugene McCarthy and Dick Gregory -- also played roles in that tight race. Rank them in order of number of votes they received. 11. True or False: Herbert Hoover's 1928 Inaugural Address and swearing-in were delayed when his wife and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge got lost in the Capitol corridors. 12. This vice president was asleep in his family's Plymouth, Vt., farmhouse when word of the president's death arrived. With only six witnesses present, he was sworn in by his father, who was a notary public.

A. Calvin Coolidge

B. Theodore Roosevelt

C. Grover Cleveland

D. Woodrow Wilson 13. Even though this well-known Socialist candidate was imprisoned at the time of the 1920 election for his outspoken opposition to America's involvement in World War I, he still captured more than 900,000 votes and finished third in a field of six. Name him. 14. Match this list of "firsts" with the president at whose inauguration they occurred.

A. First photographed inaugural

B. First televised inaugural

C. First inaugural held in Capitol

D. First inaugural heard on radio

1. Coolidge

2. Lincoln

3. Jefferson

4. Truman

ANSWERS: 1. C -- George Romney; 2. Monroe, Polk, Madison, Buchanan, Garfield, Carter; 3. D -- 26th Amendment; 4. Richard Nixon; 5. C -- William McKinley; 6. D -- All of the above; 7. Lyndon Johnson (1908); 8. B -- Richard Nixon; 9. A -- 3, B -- 4, C -- 1, D -- 2; 10. Wallace finished third with nearly 10 million votes, Gregory finished sixth with 47,097, McCarthy was seventh with 26,858 votes; 11. True; 12. A -- Coolidge; 13. Eugene V. Debs; 14. A -- 2, B -- 4, C -- 3, D -- 1.