Nancy Reagan, who suffered a head injury in a fall Sunday night in Sacramento, was examined by a West Coast physician yesterday before flying to Santa Barbara with the president for a five-day rest at their California ranch.

"He told her she is fine and ordered no medication," said Sheila Tate, the first lady's press secretary, confirming that Mrs. Reagan sought the second medical opinion at the suggestion of White House physician Daniel Ruge, even though he thought her condition was fine.

Tate said she did not know the physician's identity, except that he is an acquaintance of Mrs. Reagan. The examination took place in the Reagans' Century Plaza hotel suite where they spent election night.

"In talking to Mrs. Reagan I could tell that she was just fine. She was laughing and joking and in a great mood," said Tate of her telephone conversation with the first lady yesterday afternoon. "She said her head was a little bit tender but otherwise she felt good. She said she had her jeans on and planned to do nothing all week except rest and relax."

Describing her as "very happy," Tate said Mrs. Reagan told her that everyone around her and the president was euphoric after his historic win over Walter Mondale.

Said Tate: "She told me, 'We never expected such a big win.' "