NO SMALL AFFAIR is No Big Deal. It's an unsuccessful mating of the sexploitation and sensitive-guy genres, starring barely-knowns Jon Cryer and Demi Moore. He plays a socially awkward, celibate but sensitive teen photographer and she plays the older -- but not much older -- rock singer who teaches him all about love.

Both are decent performers, but the script is lame -- not tasteless enough to please a "Class" crowd, not thoughtful enough to please fans of "Gregory's Girl." And that brings up another issue: Hasn't this theme been overworked? Can't we get through a single year without at least one boy coming of age? They're as ubiquitous as menopausal males.

Pretty Demi Moore's limited film background includes both ages of man. She played Michael Caine's disapproving daughter in "Blame It On Rio," in which dad had a fling with her best friend. Here she plays an overwrought hard-rocker who finds she'd really rather sing stuff like "My Funny Valentine."

She owes her big breakthrough to the young shutterbug who falls in love with her through the lens of his camera, where he hides from his sexually overactive family and friends. The boy's family is virtually in heat, with his mother, her live-in lover, the boy's older brother and the brother's fiance all rutting under one roof. Cryer, whose background is stage, makes a reasonable film debut despite his limp lines and his wimp character.

Overall, time wasted establishing nonessential characters slows down the story, which picks up only when the two leads become the focus. Theirs is no cheap fling, true. It's more of a tiny tussle. NO SMALL AFFAIR -- At area theaters.