One of the postelection questions buzzing around Republican circles is who will get to organize the inauguration. One report had Joseph Canzeri -- a former aide to White House deputy chief of staff Michael Deaver, who is the inaugural committee general chairman -- as the one in charge of the preinaugural show and inaugural balls.

"I'm in discussion," said Canzeri, who heads a public relations consulting firm in town. "It would be only the gala. I can't tell you anything because I haven't planned anything. Ask Mike Deaver."

Deaver was unavailable for comment, but inaugural chairman Ronald Walker didn't sound any encouraging notes for Canzeri when he said: "At this point it doesn't look like Mr. Canzeri will have anything to do with it at all." The Miss World Protest -------

The new Miss World, 21-year-old Astrid Herrera Irazabal of Venezuela, will have more than ribbon-cutting ceremonies to contend with as she begins her reign. The 5-foot-8, brown-eyed brunette, who won the title in London Thursday night, faces accusations of promoting animal cruelty.

Animals rights groups demonstrated outside London's Royal Albert Hall while the contest was being held in response to reports that Irazabal is her country's official pinup girl for Coleados, a South American bullfighting game in which men on horseback attempt to knock bulls to the ground. The groups had objected previously to Erica Weise, the contestant from Bolivia, who had been photographed wearing a leopard-skin coat. In response, Miss World organizer Julia Morley banned all fur coats from the competition last week. Irazabal has been asked by Morley not to comment on the controversy.