Sunday, my Prince will come.

Anyone living within range of ground zero, the Capital Centre, is advised to spend a few minutes at the local drugstore magazine rack, to prepare for this seven-show, 11-day megablast, which starts tomorrow night!

For instance, you might learn his nickname.



That's what his family calls him.

He is also called The Kid. His Royal Badness. Napoleon. In Central High School in Minneapolis, the nicknames were Princess and Butcher Dog -- some kids thought he looked like a German shepherd!

When he played basketball in high school, Prince's rep was: good endurance; good ball-handler; short. How short? Prince is 5 feet 3! Give or take an inch!

There are many interesting things to know about Prince.

Several years ago, Prince recorded "Ronnie, Talk to Russia," but there are no Prince albums in the White House record library. There are copies of the Ramones' "Rocket to Russia," Elvis Costello's "My Aim Is True," Supertramp's "Crisis? What Crisis?," Talking Heads' "More Songs About Buildings and Food" and Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." But no Prince!

There are rumors that the two Shy Ones (i.e., Prince and Michael Jackson) have done some recording together. And: They have the same Los Angeles accountant!

Dressing Tall: Look for the Prince Look soon, as designers Louis Wells and Vaughn Terry unveil a toned-down version of Prince and the Revolution's Edwardian look.

Reportedly in the works: "Purple Rain II," with Prince reprising his role as the Kid, finding true love with Appolonia Kotero and being tempted by a rich Hollywood beauty who toys with his heart!

Appolonia, incidentally, was once in an all-girl rock band called the Purple Flirts -- before she had ever heard of Prince!

He ain't my brother, he's heavy: Chick Huntsberry, the 6-foot-6, 300-pound White Shadow who acts as Prince's bodyguard, is an ex-evangelist, a former pro wrestler and an alumnus of Orkin Exterminators!

"God," a Prince instrumental, was sent out as a single to gospel radio stations! Furthermore, at the end of "Controversy," Prince recites the Lord's Prayer. And before each show, the band joins hands backstage for a moment of silent prayer.

At the end of the lascivious "Darling Nikki," there is a section of backward dialogue! What it says, according to MTV engineer Bill Aiken, is "Hello, how are you? I'm fine. Because I know the Lord is coming soon, coming soon."

According to Black Beat Magazine, Prince has ESP. Extra Sexy Personality!

Although purple has become a dominant Prince motif over the last two years -- Prince's house, his custom tour bus, limousine, BMW sports car and motorcyle are all customized purple -- it may well have started back in 1976 when he wrote his first single, "Soft and Wet," with a purple felt-tip pen!

Numbers: 8 million records sold in America; 450,000 copies of the videocasette version of "Purple Rain" shipped to stores yesterday, eclipsing the previous video record of 375,000 set by "Raiders of the Lost Ark"; the film, made for $7 million, recently passed the $60 million mark, making it the highest-grossing rock film ever.

Prince keeps a pile of crumpled paper money in the glove compartments of his cars! So did Little Richard, except he kept his in the trunk.

If you run into Prince, here are some names not to mention: Vanity, Morris Day, Andre Cymone, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Dez Dickerson, Michael Jackson!

Prince has a Washington Connection! Two of Prince's three current managers have Washington roots. Bob Cavallo graduated from Georgetown University in 1960, the same year he started a nightclub in Georgetown called the Shadows that eventually became the Cellar Door. Joe Ruffalo graduated from George Washington University. Along with Steve Fargnoli, Cavallo and Ruffalo refer to themselves as Spaghetti Inc.