"Hon, as soon as we have the pictures you'll know about it."

"Darling, you realize you are dealing with a big celebrity here."

"Michael is relaxing in Disney World. He'll get the film after it's processed in California, and he has to approve it."

"It's in Chicago."

"I don't know where it is."

"Call the coast -- they said they'll talk to you."

"He doesn't want to talk to you."

The "exclusive" photographs of Michael Jackson, taken during the interview in Philadelphia, have not arrived. Polite phone call number one:

"We haven't forgotten you," says Bob Michaelson, marketing director of the proposed Michael Jackson clothing line. "Here's the story. There's only one photo lab in the country authorized to process that film, and it's in California."

The pictures should appear as promised in the next express delivery. Polite phone call number two:

"Michael's going to have a look at the photos, and then we'll send them along."

The star is relaxing in Disney World, and wants to approve the pictures before they are released. A week goes by. Agitated phone call number one:

"Michael hasn't approved them yet. He wants some touch ups -- you know, big star and all."

After four Sunday deadlines go by, Michaelson surrenders.

"I'm sick and tired of it," he says. "No one listens to me. From now on you deal directly with Dileo. I refuse to be in the middle."

Frank Dileo is Jackson's manager. "Mr. Dileo says the photos are not approved for release," explains an assistant. "No, he doesn't want to talk to you."

Two weeks later:

"It doesn't look like we'll get them this week," says Michaelson, back on the case.

"Nobody's too clear on where the photo is at the moment," says Dileo's assistant. "Mr. Dileo doesn't have it on him. We could look for it, but if you need it right away . . ."