When actress Jane Seymour was researching period costumes to wear in "The Sun Also Rises," NBC's upcoming mini-series based on Hemingway's 1926 novel, she kept coming back to the clothes of Coco Chanel. "Lady Brett is out to dazzle the world, so we had to have something splendid and exciting," Seymour said. "A lot of scenes take place in bull rings and in streets, so it had to be something that had a kind of casual feeling to it, while at the same time being chic and capturing the period."

And so the four-hour mini-series, which starts Dec. 9, will be a showcase for Chanel clothes and jewelry, including four costumes created for the film by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, one outfit from the current Chanel collection and four from last summer's, and a 1925 original designed by Chanel.

Lagerfeld's not the only designer for the film -- Nino Cerutti designed clothes for Leonard Nimoy and other male actors.

Lagerfeld comes to town this week for the Phillips Collection benefit Friday night, sponsored by Saks-Jandel, and to attend the Kennedy Center Honors next Sunday. Oscar de la Renta will also be at the Honors.