Costumes from Folger Theatre productions, including the Mersad Berber-inspired designs from "The Merchant of Venice," will be displayed at three Garfinckel's stores during the holidays. Garfinckel's is also helping the theater's 15th anniversary celebration by hosting a fund-raising "hunt breakfast" on Dec. 2 at the downtown store. The breakfast, available for a tax-deductible $65, includes rum-soaked fruit and fowl with white raisins and pine nuts.

Press representatives were surprised to open their Folger programs last Monday night to see large chunks of type blacked out. Further investigation showed that these chunks were the biography, notes and name of the recently departed director of "Crossed Words," Davey Marlin-Jones, removed at his request.

Everyone's behaving very maturely about it all, citing "artistic differences" and stoically avoiding name-calling. However, the scuttlebutt was that Marlin-Jones' version of this traditional British pantomime, which is intended to be broad and silly, was entirely too whimsical and sensitive. The show was substantially rearranged and rejiggered in the week before opening, requiring the apparently good-natured cast to work overtime trying to pull it together. "He understood the idea, but it just didn't happen," said a close-mouthed John Neville-Andrews.

Still further investigation located the censored Director's Notes, which may inadvertently reveal the aforementioned "artistic differences." Writing of a childhood experience in the theater, Marlin-Jones recalled a magician who made oranges appear in a cut-glass bowl, which he then tossed to the audience. "But I knew then I wanted to spend the rest of my life throwing oranges," Marlin-Jones wrote. "When the theatre is doing its job fully it provides a shorthand for our passions and foibles. The theatre is a magic show of the soul that produces the oranges of perception."