Hollywood is part of our holiday tradition. Why do you think they call it Tinseltown, anyway? Maybe you've never noticed, but every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas the studios release the hoped-for blockbusters, the last-minute Oscar contenders and, of course, the summer leftovers.

They've already given us "Supergirl" and "Falling in Love," which opened last weekend. But the biggest weekends -- with at least a dozen more films -- are yet to come.

On December 7, expect cops and comedy -- Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop," Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in "City Heat," Tom Selleck in "Runaway." And as seen on the cover, "2010," the sequel to Stanley Kubrick's classic "2001: A Space Odyssey."

On the 14th, there'll be more cops to fight the gangsters in "The Cotton Club," which could be a comeback for Francis Ford Coppola. And two more science-fiction adventures (another staple this season): "Dune," which premieres this Monday night, and "Starman," a science-fiction romance with Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges.

On the 21st, there's more romance, with Matt Dillon in "The Flamingo Kid," and Dudley Moore and Amy Irving in "Micki and Maude." And another gangster movie, "Johnny Dangerously" with Michael Keaton; plus "Protocol" with Goldie Hawn, a local star in a locally shot film; "Electric Bugaloo: Breakin' II," a sequel to "Breakin'." And the re-release of Disney's "Pinocchio."

Other probables without set dates are: "Paris, Texas," Palm d'Or prize winner at Cannes; and "Parsifal," an allegorical version of the Wagner opera.

So settle back and have a look at some sneak previews we've arranged.