If there were any doubts about whose Christmas this one is, the answer was on stage last night at the Departmental Auditorium, where Santa's elves sang "four More years" to the tune of "Jingle Bells," Ronald Reagan's in-house Moses donned a "Kitchen Cabinet" apron, and Santa himself had his cover blown by the Marine Corps commandant, Gen. P. X. Kelley.

"I did not blow your cover," Kelley insisted to CIA Director William Casey, incognito sans dagger and substituting a red suit for a regulation cloak.

Looking on were Los Angeles businessman and Reagan intimate Holmes Tuttle, Agriculture Secretary John Block, U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick plus a flock of elves bearing strong resemblances to administration wives and diplomatic hostesses.

There were presents for the good guys. And gibes for the bad. Said White House counsel Fred Fielding: "For that select group of you who were in trouble in this administration, we'll all meet at Yankee Stadium."

Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler and White House personnel director John Harrington provided Christmas readings, White House deputy chief of staff Michael Deaver played "White Christmas" on the piano and U.S. Information Agency director Charles Wick, as master of ceremonies, praised the evening's host -- preacher, lobbyist and St. Louis businessman Roy Pfautch, who spent $20,000 on the party.

"We all love Roy Pfautch. He's all heart," said Wick. "You put your hand on his heart and it's like a threshing machine."

Under two Christmas trees were toys brought by the 400 guests for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Drive.