'Tis the season to be jolly. And maybe also the season to remember those who haven't been so nice. During the campaign there weren't the best of relations between Vice President George Bush and his staff and the press corps who covered his campaign. And almost no one from among those reporters will be at the vice president's mansion for parties this week, even as a few thousand other reporters attend White House parties tomorrow and Thursday.

Bush's press secretary Peter Teeley said the vice president had press parties in 1981 and 1982, but not last year or this year. Teeley said members of the press will be invited to parties, but of the regulars who covered the campaign, only ABC's Carol Simpson is on the list. Teeley said the vice president's mansion is small and "it's really none of their business who he invites or doesn't invite to his home. If anyone wants to know why he hasn't been invited, I would hope he'd have the backbone to call me."

Three of the nearly 15 campaign reporters who covered Bush on a regular basis said they were more amused than hurt to not be included on the guest list. CBS newsman Ike Pappas said the media had had some fights with Bush's campaign staff, especially with political adviser Vic Gold. But, as for the vice president, Pappas, who has not been invited to Bush's parties, said, "I wouldn't expect George Bush to do something as petty as that."