Looking for a more beautiful 1985? How about a little help from the "experts?"

"Sensual Beauty and How to Achieve It" -- the title of Britt Ekland's book says it all. Swedish genes are helpful but Ekland claims "No one is born and bred sensual . . . It needs effort." She stresses putting time aside from peeling potatoes to shave your underarms. She's big on clean hair, long red nails and black lingerie. She condemns stubble, bad breath and nose hair. Her fashion tips include how to look nice in the gym, when to wear a bra and how to match striped hose and a leopard-skin coat. If you or the man in your life wishes you were more of a vamp, this one's for you.

From one of television's most glamorous stars comes a book appropriately entitled "Super Looks." For author Morgan Fairchild, intelligence, humor and integrity contribute to beauty. But without an outer image to attract some attention to those intangible but important assets, one may have some trouble. The book focuses on skin and hair care with color pictures providing lessons in makeup and hair styles for new looks. Other highlights include facial exercises for wrinkle prevention, nail care, posture tips, step-by-step body stretches and tighteners, and tips on dressing.

"The Beauty Principal" focuses less on a glamorous look than on how to keep the skin and body looking good. Victoria Principal emphasizes the development of lifelong skin and hair care routines. Beyond proper cleansing, she includes detailed steps of making up, the tools and the techniques. Hair care includes shampoo, cut, nutrition, perms, tinting. A special section deals with hormonal changes and how they affect your body and beauty. Also covered are how to get a good night's sleep, care for nails and teeth and even a section on breast self-examination. As for exercise, she's written another book on that, "The Body Principal."

Sophia Loren draws from her own experience in her book "Women and Beauty." Loren believes beauty is within everyone's reach and worth working for. She stresses discipline as the key to success. She discusses hair and skin care at length, emphasizing maturing skin, eye makeup and makeup under glasses. Loren suggests only those formulas that have worked for her, including her own attitude on dieting, what fashions she considers stylish, why and how she exercises. There are also sections on other attributes she believes add to beauty, such as charm, tranquility, love, pregnancy and motherhood.