Ronald Reagan's secret formula to beat back the aging process is revealed in this week's People magazine. The secret is White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker III. In the magazine's 10th annual list of the year's 25 most intriguing personalities, 1980 and 1984 photographs of the 54-year-old Baker are printed with a caption that reads: "Note the loss of hair, the graying of what is left, the incipient wattles. The conclusion is obvious. Ronald Reagan, great delegater that he is, has delegated the aging process to Jim Baker."

Baker shares this list with the racehorse John Henry, who won $2.3 million this year ("an inspiration to old timers"), and a man who has been dead 130 years -- John Torrington, the explorer whose frozen, preserved body was found in Canada. Others included on the list are Rep. Geraldine Ferraro; former first lady Betty Ford; Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton; the "most exciting new actor of the year," John Malkovich; former Miss America Vanessa Williams; and, of course, Michael Jackson. For Jackson, the magazine ran only a picture. After five covers, 73 photos and 33,205 words in 1984, People wisely decided there was nothing more to say about him.