Two Sinatras for the price of one still doesn't put inaugural gala-going into the bargain basement. But it does lend a certain cachet to George Bush's own night among the stars.

That's the word, unconfirmed, on the Jan. 18 Vice Presidential Gala at the D.C. Convention Center. And since Frank Sinatra is honorary chairman and No. 1 talent scout for it and the Presidential Gala the next night, nobody would dream of disagreeing.

Don't expect any schmaltzy father-and-son act, however. Like pop, Frank Sinatra Jr. sings solo for his suppers, although he's reportedly written something for an Air Force choir that may or may not be performed.

Republicans can also thank Sinatra Sr. for lining up Ray Charles, whose rendition of "America the Beautiful" at the Dallas convention won him a permanent place in the hearts of party patriots. And everybody's favorite, Wayne Newton, has already accepted Sinatra's invitation to perform in both galas.

Sinatra Sr., who also will perform at both events, will figure prominently in deciding which acts are excerpted from Friday night for inclusion in the 90-minute delayed transmission of the Presidential Gala over ABC-TV Saturday.