The Motion Picture Academy usually doesn't pay much attention to the critics, but this might be something of a portent anyway: the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the New York Film Critics Circle have given their top awards to Milos Forman's "Amadeus" and David Lean's "A Passage to India," respectively. Both groups reportedly were far from unanimous in their choices, and they hardly saw eye-to-eye: Lean picked up some runner-up recognition in the L.A. balloting, but "Amadeus" wasn't even mentioned in the East Coast results. Still, Forman's film was the only one to win more than one award from the 30 L.A. critics; it was chosen best picture, while Forman won the best director title, Peter Shaffer was honored for his script and F. Murray Abrahams -- who played Salieri -- tied in the best actor balloting with Albert Finney's "Under the Volcano" performance. Kathleen Turner was chosen best actress for appearing in one massive hit ("Romancing the Stone") and one resounding flop ("Crimes of Passion"). In New York, the big winners were "A Passage to India" (best film and director) Steve Martin (best actor for "All of Me") and Peggy Ashcroft (best actress for "A Passage to India"). "A Passage to India" also won the best film award from the National Board of Review, which should guarantee it some Academy Award nominations in what looks to be an uncertain year for clear-cut Oscar winners. Still to come are the awards from the National Film Critics Association, which generally chooses more conservative films than do the L.A. or New York groups -- although this year, both "Amadeus" and "A Passage to India" are conservative choices already.