It apparently hasn't been easy for the Jay Rockefellers to find the right house in the Washington area, even though they can afford whatever they want. Sharon Rockefeller said in Charleston, W.Va., yesterday that she and her husband are spending the Christmas season preparing to move into a four-bedroom rented house near Rock Creek Park but wouldn't give the specific location. She said that a gossip column report that the Rockefellers had purchased the Brady Estate on Foxhall Road for $12 million was not true, although they are considering it.

The Rockefellers have been looking at properties in the Washington area since even before the outgoing West Virginia governor was elected to the Senate in November. The ideal, she said, would be to live within 10 minutes of the children's schools. Sons Jamie and Charles will be at St. Albans; daughter Valerie at National Cathedral; and Justin at Beauvoir -- all at the National Cathedral.

All she would say about the Rock Creek-area house was that "it has a lot of rhododendrons, a lot of trees and grass. It's near the children's school. And it really looks like West Virginia." The family will move to Washington after Jan. 1, and Senator-elect Rockefeller will follow after his predecessor and successor, Arch Moore, is sworn in as governor Jan. 14.