Here, says author William Peacock, is how a devotee (a male devotee) of MOOSEMUSS would go after a future mate:

M (Maneuver): "There are all kinds of different maneuvers that people employ, from whisking someone off to Europe for a weekend to old-fashioned engagement rings and on-the-knee proposals. Then there's feigned anger and feigned hurt."

O (Objective): "When you find someone you really want to spend the rest of your life with, you concentrate your efforts on achieving that objective."

O (Offense): "Most of the time, you're not going to be successful if you're going to just sit back and be defensive about things. You go on the attack. You send flowers. You explore things you mutually enjoy."

S (Surprise): "Surprise is not overly relevant in this case."

E (Economy of Force): "While you're concentrating on this effort, you tend to put forth the minimal effort necessary to maintain other activities, other girlfriends, your job, your relationship with your family."

M (Mass): "You mass your thought processes and your financial resources and your social skills on accomplishing that objective."

U (Unity of Command): "You damned sure don't delegate that courting to someone else. You don't send your best friend out there to romance her. He may end up with her."

S (Simplicity): "If your scheme is so complicated you can't follow it, or she can't figure what you're all about or what you're trying to accomplish, you're probably not going to succeed."

S (Security): "Security is probably a pretty important thing. You don't go around -- if you're reasonably sophisticated -- writing your girlfriend's name on the walls of your office. You don't want to let the cat out of the bag or you might attract competition, or drive her away by embarrassment. Very few romances have been completed by skywriters shouting their message across the sky, asking someone to marry them."