ARIES (March 21 to April 19).

Keep going, Aries. Last year's good things should continue for you in 1985.

If things seem a little dull during the first part of the year, that's okay. Relax and enjoy the easy pace.

The early days are the time for reflection and planning rather than impulse and action. Plans formulated early in the year will bear fruit later.

As spring approaches, you'll find that you get along well with other people. You can start to be more active now, and this is the time for you to begin a new exercise program.

Look for a more complete awakening in late spring. A friend, possibly someone you work with, will have some advice about property and improving the value of your home. Heed this advice and use the opportunity to check structural matters as well as cosmetic situations. You find that a coat of paint works wonders for your spirits as well as your walls.

Your social life will pick up as the weather warms up. Enjoy the opportunity to have fun, and make some interesting business contacts.

The early summer is also the time for you to watch your pocketbook. You'll see bargains everywhere, and the temptation to overspend will be strong. Buy quality, not quantity.

Late summer is your most emotional period of the year. A new romance may be in the cards, but beware of jealousy. A summer vacation is in order, and if you keep your emotions in check you'll have a fine time. The beach, seashore or a sailboat will be the place for you.

As fall comes, pull in your horns. The first cool days bring the need for slowing down after a fast-paced summer. Devote more than the normal time to your job, since your professional superiors are watching. These are also the days when early financial planning starts to pay off. In connection with this, someone you helped out in the past will resurface to repay you.

As winter comes, you'll be able to reduce the pressures and tension at work. You'll still have to watch your flanks, but good humor can turn barbs aside. You will be asked to become involved in a special project at work. Accept even though it means added work. This is an important career move. You are capable of making decisions now, for the present and for the new year. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20).

In 1985, Taurians will find things continuing to move upward. Not everything will be sweetness and light, but definite progress will be felt. This year will bring a period of career activities, interaction with friends and community service.

As they year opens, you'll find things calm and restfully dull. Don't expect this to last very long, however, since you could find yourself swept up in a philosophical debate that can cause long-lasting problems with a member of your family. Try to listen to a voice of experience.

As the ice melts, so do your ensions. Your dealings with others become more stable, and you'll find that your point of view is readily understood. If the opportunity for a brief vacation arises, take it -- it could prove to be very healing.

Other problems arise during the spring, problems with partners, be it marriage or business. Again, you'll find yourself at philosophical odds, and now you must back off. There is also danger that you want to indulge yourself.

You can defeat this if you don't spend too much time worrying about lofty and unobtainable ideals. Be practical and listen to a conservative business plan. It's important that you remain conservative in any business dealing.

Early summer is a time for family and friends. Let the financial kettle cool, and spend time with your family. Be especially attentive to your mother or mother-in-law. The hot summer days will bring your focus back to money, with a raise in pay or other perks coming to you. These days also mark a career change that could be with you for several yars. Now you must learn to spot career opportunities and move on them. Let the world know how serious you are about your career.

The last part of the year will see you rocket forward in your dealings with others. You'll find you can out-think, out-talk and out-deal most of the people around you. Take advantage of this.

Try to avoid litigation now, especially where it might concern a will. Watch for a financial tip from a friend.

At year's end you become a social lion, and romance plays an important role. Most of your invitations will come from co- workers, but accept only the more formal ones. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20).

At last! A year in which Geminis can do what they are best suited for -- be versatile and go off in all sorts of directions. You'll be able to use your wits, your split personality and your versatility to make some real progress. This is not your year for original thought, but one to use your ability to manipulate others.

Financial dealings are important to you early in the year. If someone you don't like comes to you with a plan, listen! Investigate, even if the plan seems weird. Don't be afraid of a little risk.

There also can be lots of activity in your job now. Some of the tensions you felt in 1984 will continue, with confrontations becoming usual. Don't be afraid of them. You love this kind of mental stimulation, and for Geminis, boring is bad.

As spring comes, your social life blossoms. You'll find yourself in an outdoorsy social circle and succeeding in athletics. Don't hold back. The sickness and/or injuries felt last year will not be a factor.

This is also a time for you to renew an old acquaintance. Correspondence with a faraway friend can bring great joy.

As summer comes try to spend some time alone, perhaps working on a neglected hobby that could earn you some extra money. Start thinking about a summer vacation -- remember, much of the fun is in the planning. Be careful in dealings with friends. Most will understand your mercurial personality, but be careful not to offend.

At work, too, there is a tendency for you to deal harshly with others. Beware. Offending the wrong person here will cause lasting career damage.

Early in the fall, the emphasis shifts from your job to your home, but many of the same warnings apply. You will be expected to lead, but if your become dictatorial, you can hurt very deeply. Be especially kind to older relatives and people who help you around the house.

And, as winter comes, things smooth out. There will still be tensions to battle on the job, so work hard and put those ideas of others to work in your favor. Romance is in the picture now, and someone you have known and taken for granted becomes very important to you.

All kinds of choices! So many that they make you weary. CANCER (June 21 to July 22).

Brace yourselves, children of Cancer; 1985 is not going to be that much to your liking. This is going to be a year of confusion, ups and downs, and the kind of excitement you find unsettling. Not all bad, mind you, but lots of movement. The calm and serenity you enjoy so much will not be easy to come by. Savor the rare periods.

Early in the year, romance enters the picture. A recent acquaintance, perhaps from your job, shows great interest. Respond! You may also get the opportunity for a short trip, a wonderful chance for a romantic encounter.

Money matters must now be dealt with seriously. The first of several chances to invest is presented to you, but be sure to weigh such offers carefully. Don't jump into any financial situation; save even modest speculation until later in the year. Exercise control over situations at work. You're on edge and in danger of alienating people around you.

Spring will see you working hard just to stay even. You want to get away from your job and loaf in the sunshine. Fight off the desire to run. Keep plugging away. Things will ease up.

Warmer days are the time for you to freshen up your home. Try to do it yourself, and if you can't, supervise closely. If a friend wants to help, say yes! Early summer is a period of calm and a chance for you to reevaluate your lifestyle. Now is the time for investments and even some gambling.

By summer's end you may well have had to make an employment decision. A new job opportunity may seem glamorous, but don't rush in!

Fall is your time for clear thinking. You are now capable of helping others with "nuts and bolts" problems, and you make yourself highly respected. Your professional superiors will now take note of your organizational abilities, and rewards are in the offing.

But, as winter comes, slow down. There's a good chance you won't be feeling as frisky. Get that medical checkup now, especially if it's overdue. Get plenty of rest and spend as much time as possible with your family -- particularly a sister or sister-in- law.

This is not a time to make waves; 1986 will give you plenty of opportunity for that. LEO (July 23 to Aug 22).

For Leos, early 1985 is a study in contradictions and opposites. Treatment for a minor illness could uncover, and cure, something major. A misunderstanding at work can lead to solving a major organizational problem. A lovers' quarrel can lead to clearing up longstanding annoyances. So, if you keep your wits about you, and don't get imperious and try to dominate, lots of things can be solved.

Winter is also the time to think about marriage. If you're already married, this is a time for reexamination and a renewal of vows. If you're not married, you could be soon if there's someone waiting in the wings. In fact, you may have several offers to weigh -- do so carefully. Late winter brings the chance to enter into a business partnership. Explore this carefully, as chances for success are high. Be careful that you have input, if not control.

Spring brings conflicts. Some of these are of your own making because of a tendency to lord it over co-workers. You must be a leader, not a pusher. The same problem exists in your world of outside finance. If you hire an adviser, listen to him.

As the days grow longer, keep your imperious shoulder to the wheel. You will need to spend many extra hours on the job, but the hard work will be worth it. Teach, rather than argue with, a professional superior.

Summer is time for you to relax and think of life away from work. Entertain in your home! Your social life is on the upswing, and if you're married, the grand host and hostess routine will be fine for you. Summer is also the time to think about repairing or redecorating your home. Don't get carried away and overspend.

Fall will bring out your best thinking. You will be able to see all aspects of your life clearly, and you'll be able help family members solve problems, too. Friends will also come to you for advice. Don't be too flattered. Help where you can, but don't become emotionally involved.

Winter sees a resurgence of social activities. You find yourself in demand by neighbors and co-workers. Use social events to make business contacts.

Near years' end, exercise care at work since you'll find jealousy and overreaction toward you. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22).

For Virgos, 1985 may well be called the "Year of the Trampoline." All through the year you'll be bouncing up and down. You won't bounce very high, however, so you won't have as far to fall. Keep tight control over your emotions.

Early in the year you'll experience your first bounce upward. This is the time for romance, social activities and making new friends. Don't bring hurt to a loved one with a harsh remark. That kind of hurt that can last a long time.

This is not a good time to travel, but you should be planning a vacation for later in the year -- perhaps overseas.

Late winter also marks a period of frustration on your job, but this gives way to considerable stability in the spring. Be your own adviser on job matters, since well-meaning friends will be at cross purposes. Study carefully a chance presented to you for a longterm investment. By the end of spring, a legal matter could preoccupy you. Listen to your lawyer.

As summer returns, you may find yourself back in school. Take a course in something pleasurable, rather than something concerned with your job. This could also be a period of depression because someone you felt was loyal lets you down. Bounce back up, and be prepared to counsel a relative.

Midsummer is the best time for career activities. Take a long look at your job and your goals, and make plans. While it may take a while for these plans to be realized, they will be a stabilizing factor later.

Late summer can bring some minor health problems, partly due to overexertion. Try to rest as much as your can, for as fall begins, you'll find all sorts of people coming to you for advice. You'll be surrounded by more of other people's problems than you want to handle. Be kind, but don't get too involved.

Through the fall things get better. Your energy returns, and a birthday party could prove to be one the happiest occasions of the year. This is also the time when employers will recognize your value and say so.

Winter brings a time to be more serious. Entertain small groups in your home, but pay more attention to family than outsiders. New responsibilities are now yours to shoulder, but you'll have help. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22).

For Librans, things get better and better!

The first part of the year is good. You are surrounded by family and friends and a wedding is in the offing. Good times are had by all and you are the prime mover. You'll meet someone new who will become an important part of your life.

Late winter and early spring bring you a money problem to work out. Someone you are tied to legally or financially wants to drag you through a deal that would be disastrous. Back away! Fly away! Be ultra-conservative with your pocket money and your savings until next fall.

Spring also brings problems of home and family. Be careful not to offend either side in an argument. But problem-solving fits you, so get on with it.

Late spring is your creative period, a period that lasts into the summer months. You will find pleasure in a hobby such a painting or pottery making, and you will enjoy viewing the works of others while visiting museums and galleries. In fact, a long-term creative project could now gain a large measure of recognition for you.

Summer is the time for you to be free with your advice. If a neighbor or close friend is redecorating, give a hand. Hot days bring added pressure on the job, and you'll be asked to fill in for someone else as well as doing your own job, Take this in stride and show how really valuable you are.

This intense period on the job will allow you to implement a plan that will make many other jobs easier. Be ready.

All this hard work cuts down your time at home, so be extra kind and understanding to your family.

As fall comes, you'll ease off at work and devote some time to other relationships. You will be invited to take part in a series of lectures, and the resulting social activities will be spectacular. Just be sure that you don't overindulge. Join in a program of moderate physical exercise and you'll feel better almost at once.

Winter brings some changes in your financial life. Times will be tense and frustrating as all sorts of setbacks occur. Just keep plugging away. This will get better, in fact much better, by year's end. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21).

For Scorpios, 1985 is a year of enormous power. The use of your power for good can accomplish more than you can imagine. Improper use will bring you problems for years to come.

At year's beginning you are riding a crest. Love interests are high and creative efforts are bringing praise. Your instincts are are sound and your financial hunches ring true. But in early February you'll begin to feel some long-lasting and dramatic changes in your life. You'll be thinking clearly and can redefine your goals.

This is also the time for a for a general overhaul and redecoration of your home. Just buy the necessities first; let the luxury items come later in the year.

During the late winter, the focus of your life is on your job. You'll have to explain and justify some of your actions. Be prepared to make an honest fight, since someone you trusted will be pushing you -- out! Don't be fooled by a new job offer. Someone after your current one may be behind it.

This kind of pressure stays with you into the spring, but be tough, stay loyal and you'll win. Spring also brings some partnership challenges. If you're married, be careful of explosive arguments. If you're a partner in business, be especially careful; you'll find that you haven't been properly consulted. You will have to fight hard to save the situation.

By late spring and early summer, things ease up and this is a good time for you to take a brief vacation. Plan a trip that can include some vigorous outdoor exercise and lots of mental quiet. This rest will prepare you for your next dynamic period.

Midsummer is another power time. Your expertise at work will be recognized, and a promotion may well be in store. It will be very important that you not get too pushy. If you threaten, you'll undo some good things. In fact, despite the activity, fall is your most troubled time of the year.

Guard against blind trust; carefully check facts given you, even those from a family member.

The winter months will be less tense. You'll be invited to the best social events, but be selective.

And, at year's end, your finances pick up. Earlier investments will begin to pay off and you can begin to plan for 1986. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21).

For the Sagittarian, independence is the key word for 1985. All of the good things that come (and they will be many) and all of the bad (and there will be some of them, too) will reflect your need to be independent and individualistic.

The early part of the year is the time for you to take care of things around your home. Redecorate, then invite some people in. Entertain small groups, not large parties. This is also a time for parents. Make sure yours are comfortable.

Look around for sound financial investments. Find lasting growth with the advice of someone older.

Late winter is your time for romance and a chance to show the world how talented you are. If you like to paint, have an impromptu show. If you like sports, get a game up -- you'll be the star. Ride the crest, because as winter comes, you'll find yourself strapped with a burdensome family responsibility.

Spring is not a good time for travel. Any trips you have to make should be short ones and be sure that you do not drive during storms. Tension will build on the job. Your independence can be construed as lack of cooperation. Prove that you are a "team" player.

Spring brings some concern about health matters. If you're not feeling well, make that needed medical appointment. It's also the right time to see your dentist.

Finances, career and dealings with others occupy most of your summer time. You will tend to back away from difficult decisions, but don't be conservative. Assert your independence. Don't be afraid to speak up -- especially when you're right. Try not to be argumentative and hostile.

Late summer is the best time for a vacation, but don't stay away too long.

During the fall, things pick up again on the job. Pressure is now really on you to be less individualistic, so you'd best conform for a while. You'll find that by late fall you'll be appreciated again and a promotion or special project may be in the wind.

The winter brings an upswing in your social life and you find yourself in a whirl. Save some of your recreation time for an indoor hobby. If you've been meaning to play some bridge, chess or Yahtzee, do it. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19).

For Capricorns, 1985 opens on a dead run and remains that way for a while. Most of your time will be spent dealing with family and home matters. Brothers, sisters or both will call on you for advice or material assistance. Be as impersonal as you can and set them on the road to solving their own problems.

Fix up your home! Pay particular attention to the floors; look to structural problems as well as new carpet. Entertain during the winter. New friends are important now, but don't try to impress anyone with excessive spending.

As spring arrives, things calm down. You now have time to concentrate on your financial situation. Study a long-range offer, but be extra careful of conflicts of interest.

Don't put off dealing with nagging health problems. Treat a spring cold or flu with great respect. In fact, don't overdo at all now. This is a time for mental exercise.

Look over your taxes very carefully this year. A silly mistake could cost lots of money.

As summer comes, the pace of your life picks up again. This is not the time for socializing, however, but to put a lot of time into your job. There will be some frustrations here, as you will be called on to fill a supervisor's shoes. Show you can handle it. And since your job situation is so important, don't try to do much else. If there's a quiet hobby in your life, spend some time on it.

During the last of the summer days, your dealings with others get pretty shoddy. You overreact to minor irritations and are especially dificult with a partner. If you're married, this can be an uncomfortable time. Avoid arguments over money. If you're single, a romance can end if you become surly.

Fall is the right time for you to get away for a vacation -- alone. Go to a place you've been to before, a place that's cool and fresh. Blow the cobwebs from your brain.

When you return, jump right back into your job. The cooler the weather, the better your job situation will be. Keep your head up, You'll find some people are after your job. Watch out especially for someone who is jealous. Try to remain aloof.

Year's end is more favorable. You won't be in great demand for the holidays, but those few invitations will be quality ones. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18).

For Aquarians, 1985 will be remembered as the year of the job. As the year opens, activities begun in 1984 continue. This is a good time financially and for investments. Rely on your own research for short-term moves, but get good advice for the long term.

At this time, employers recognize your talents, and you gain stature and advancement. Your plans for restructuring your job will be well received. Don't be afraid to put new, even radical ideas into motion at work. Just be sure that you don't come into direct conflict with professional superiors.

This is a period of expansion and growth.

Your social activities are booming. If you're married, this is a time for joint planning and relaxation.

If you're single, a new romance will come your way.

The late winter and early spring see a letdown for you. You are plagued by silly mistakes -- bookkeeping errors at home, incorrect schedules at work. Be careful driving.

Spring also brings problems at home. If something goes wrong with wiring or plumbing, get it fixed promptly. Don't put off repairs.

Spring is also the time of missed communications. Put things in writing whenever you can -- don't rely on oral messages or agreements.

Warmer days bring warmer times. You have the chance to meet new people and renew an acquaintance from the past. You'll feel comfortable being entertained.

Fall brings the need for emotional control. An opportunity for romance will spring up, but be on guard. You should not be distracted from your job; you're just not ready for a long-term commitment. Take a short vacation. Go to a place where you're not known and you can be alone, physically and mentally. Cool down!

Winter brings an easing of the tensions and hard work on your job. Decisions will be made that will affect your career for a long time. If you have changed jobs once this year, you may do so again. Family matters clear up now, and it's important that you make peace with your mother, mother-in-law or mother image.

Don't neglect a cold or cough -- see a doctor. PISCES (February 19 to March 20).

In 1985, children of Pisces must expect to get things done on their own. There's not going to be much help from outsiders, and family members will cause confusion. You must rely on your own wits, instincts and good sense.

Fortunately, you are ending 1984 in good spirits, and this should carry you through the early part of the new year. You won't have too much trouble getting along with people and will enjoy being with selected friends. You'll gain respect and admiration for your decisive thinking. This is the time for advance planning.

Plan how to do things alone, since the need for this will arise soon. If a new direction at work is being considered, jump right in and be part of it. Just don't let yourself be burdened with a new romance. Maybe later.

Late winter and early spring are doldrums times. You may have an experience that makes you want to become involved in charity work. Move with care, since you may become too emotionally involved.

Spring is for keeping your nose to the grindstone. That new project can keep your busy, and, since you'll be working mostly alone, it will be successful.

But as the weather warms up, your problems grow. You are besieged by petty things. An auto accident could be more time- consuming than costly. A nagging cold can make you miserable, but you still have to go to work. Early summer is frustrating. Money payments you count on may be interrupted. "Hot" investments turn lukewarm, and mechanical objects break down.

Late summer is better, partly because people leave you alone.ou employer seems satisfied and rewards start to come. Just be sure you are truthful and candid on the job.

Fall continues on the down side. Officially, people love your work, but unofficially they don't like you very much personally. Be strong, but not offensive. This is not a good time for extensive social activities. Look to old friends for companionship.

Use your off time for study and contemplation.

Winter finds tension easing, especially on the job. You won't be pushed from pillar to post anymore. You may not get a raise, but you certainly will be praised.