Local actor A.S. (Chalkie) Csaky can be seen on the big screen as Goldie Hawn's cousin in "Protocol."

Csaky, a Silver Spring resident, appears in two scenes, and it is his first speaking part in a movie. "I've been hoping this would happen for years," he says. Csaky, in his late twenties, has done everything from stand-up comedy to playing "Homer the Lion" for Washington Federal Savings & Loan. He gave lectures on children's finances at schools, where he was mobbed by "thousands of kids." He even played a department store Santa Claus.

Originally an extra in "Protocol," he said aloud during a rehearsal, " 'I swear to God, I don't know what I'm gonna have to do to get a break in this business,' and then a giant hand fell on me. I spun around and I looked into the face of this real tall gentleman and there he was and he was, believe it or not -- I didn't know it at the time -- director Herbert Ross."

Ross and writer Buck Henry liked Csaky's voice, and they thought he was funny so he was auditioned on the spot. "I felt like I was on another planet for a while, and I think I was," Csaky says. "I kept thinking, 'Isn't this right out of the movies!"