This is one of those sun-kissed, heaven-sent weeks where we can simply let the numbers speak for themselves. The fifth week totals in our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital are:

Grand total to date: $240,374.77.

Total given this week: $116,913.38.

Individual donors to date: 3,370.

Group donors to date: 400.

With three weeks to go, it's as if we're aboard the Orange Blossom Special, rolling on down the track. We're $65,000 beyond the total we piled up in the same week last year. We're nearing a quarter-of-a-million beans. We're poised to set an all-time record.

But inertia won't achieve that. We need your contribution to go over the top. Won't you write a check right now, before that second cup of coffee?


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.

Donation of the week comes from Barb Sarshik of McLean, who drew a lovely lesson from a lovely experience.

"This is because Officer J. W. Kelly of the U.S. Park Police caught me speeding on the GW Parkway on Saturday, going 55 in a 40 mile-an-hour zone," Barb writes.

"He let me off with a warning instead of a $25 ticket, after giving me a reminder lecture about car accidents.

"As the mother of two young children, I am especially terrified of highway accidents." So Barb gave to Children's what she would have had to give to the guvvamint -- $25. Nice decision. Also a nice cop, who proved that one good turn begets another.


Into the GROUPS file his hand reaches, and . . . .

The Pan American World Airways Reservation Office contributed $424.

The Marketing Group at C & P Telephone in Calverton ($240).

The staff of the National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies ($60 in honor of the executive director, Dennis Falk).

The staff of HALT, a legal reform lobby on Capitol Hill ($10).

The D.C. Unit of Church Women United ($200).

Members of the National Aviation Club (a high-flying $572).

The Francis Scott Key Coffee House of Middletown, Md. ($400 in honor of retiring insurance agent Phil Master).

The Capital PC User Group, Inc., which put aside its software long enough to gather $37.

The Civil Service Commission Retirees luncheon group ($50 they discovered in their kitty).

The Wakefield Women's Club ($15).

The Southwest D.C. office of RCA ($36 in honor of John Evered).

Frey Federal Systems Corporation ($200 from the Christmas party fund).

Capital Forest Products, Inc., of Arnold, Md. ($50).

Employes of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ($518).

The National MEBA Office Staff ($270).

Employes of the Army Mutual Aid Association ($216).

Members of the Aircraft Contracts Department at British Aerospace, Inc. ($65).

And the Danbury Forest Community Association of Springfield ($25).

Merci beaucoup, gracias and that sort of thing. A great showing.