The Magnificent Seven:

* At Camalier and Buckley, the 16-ring tan leather Ghurka Organizer ($150) features daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planners, a reference center, a place for notes, phone/address section, a transparent zip-lock pocket, a pen and inside cover pockets.

At Gucci, a breast pocket executive planner, with a week-a-page layout. Available in pigskin ($65) or lizard ($125) with gold corners and pockets for credit cards.

* At Woodies, the Datafax agenda in leather ($100) features a daily planner, phone and address sections, maps of major cities and a snap closure. Also, a reference section, a year-ahead calendar and a place for notes and credit cards.

* At Dolly Kay, a weekly minder by Carlos Falchi, with phone/address that zips open, with front and back inside pockets in grey, black or fuschia buffalo ($100), or in a lizard collage ($120).

* At Bloomingdale's, the Basix agenda has a place for notes, credit cards, phone/address and a daily planner. In leather ($75), or in plastic ($30). Also, a scaled-down version in a plastic, breast pocket size ($7).

* At Ann Taylor, The British Filofax System ($150), with week-a-page layout, phone/address, room for notes on lined, unlined and graph paper. Also, a "don't forget" section, a map of the London underground and plastic holders for credit cards. All in a leather ring cover with front-and-back inside pockets and a snap closure.

* At Bassil and McNichols, Day Runner ($45), in marshmallowy plastic with Velcro closure, credit and business cards, zip-lock pocket, daily/weekly/monthly calender, label system from accounts and staff to trivia and nightlife, phone/address, notes, goals and projections, projects, persons and finances, envelope for receipts, notebook in back, space for two pens and spare keys. Also, Running Mate ($49), a slightly smaller version of Day Runner with additional features including index, memory and back flap.