It's obvious that musical talent runs in the Rodino family. One little-known fact is that Rep. Peter Rodino is interested in songwriting and had at least one published during World War II, a patriotic tune called, "As the Yanks Go Rolling Along."

His daughter Peggy Stanziale is carrying on the tradition, but in a very different vein. Her song, "Dress You Up," is on a new release by Madonna, rock's hottest sex kitten, whose album, "Like a Virgin," is burning up the music charts.

Stanziale, 42, has been writing songs for the past four years with a friend, Andrea LaRusso, yet had only one published, which went nowhere.

"Dress You Up," written with Madonna in mind, was sent to a New York record company that said it didn't accept outside material. "I told them to listen to it -- 'What have you got to lose?' " Stanziale said. "A few days later we got a call from Madonna herself, and she said she really liked it and wanted to use it."

Stanziale's lyrics differ a bit from her father's. Madonna sings: "Feel the silky touch of my caresses . . . They will keep you looking so brand new . . . Let me cover you with velvet kisses . . ." and so forth. Rodino's: "We'll take the hit out of Hitler . . . The muscle out of 'lini . . . Every heart will sing a happy song . . ." It never made the charts.