Sen. Jennings Randolph has had a long Washington career and on Wednesday, his last official day in office, he went to visit his old office in the Cannon House Office Building, the office he was assigned when he came to the House of Representatives in 1933. It was his first visit there since leaving the House in 1947. "I wanted to visit that office one more time," he explained yesterday, "and I wanted to go there on my last day as a senator."

His former House office, 212 Cannon, had also once been the office of former congressman and New York City mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia. It is now the office of Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Kolter. Randolph sat with Kolter and members of his staff to talk about his years on the House District Committee. But he was disappointed with the view out of the inner office windows. The courtyard that had once been filled with trees, flowers and a fountain is now paved over.

Back at his Senate office, the 82-year-old West Virginia Democrat took down his nameplate and removed the state seal from the wall. Thus ended a career in which he said he served with 283 different senators, 1,000 different members of the House and voted in 10,753 roll call votes. "I think that's a record," he said.