If you missed last Saturday's column, you missed a report of a tornado. More than $116,000 floated into my mailbox in the week that included Christmas -- all of it destined for the best cause I know, Children's Hospital.

That $116,000 week was by far the best seven days we've ever had here in The Land of The Smoking Letter Opener. As always, individuals were the most numerous donors. But a hefty slice of that $116,000 came from groups. Here are some that helped produce The Week That Was.

Employes of the Commissioned Officers Association ($40).

Joyce Goodman's third grade class at Congressional School in Falls Church ($10).

Hair Quarters of McLean ($75).

Mount Vernon Weekday School of Alexandria ($25).

Suburban Bank's Shady Grove Executive Center ($30).

The Inspector General's office at the U.S. Department of Labor ($38).

Students in a weight reduction class that meets weekly at the Naval Communications Command ($45.15, or approximately 180 uneaten candy bars).

Team A students and teachers at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Beltsville ($213.93).

Employes of the NASA Federal Credit Union ($213 from a raffle).

The Rules and Procurement Branch at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ($55).

Mrs. Benefield's and Mrs. Bryson's fourth graders at Zachary Taylor Elementary School in Arlington ($58).

JRB Associates of McLean ($1,645 from the employes and $1,545 from the company, for a total of $3,190 -- the largest gift of the campaign so far. Terrific!).

Employes of Advanced Equipment Co. Inc. of Capitol Heights ($100).

Twin Contracting Corp. of Alexandria ($150).

The gang at the Defense Security Assistance Agency of the Department of Defense ($120).

Tenants at Crilley Warehouse Executive Offices in Alexandria ($27.11).

David E. Karr & Associates of Bethesda ($100).

The Software Branch of the MIS Office at Harry Diamond Laboratories ($80).

The Graves and Shear Bowling Team from Fort Belvoir (Ray and Ellen are the Graveses; Bernie and Dick are the Shears -- $25).

The Northern Virginia Dental Society ($2,485, and, brother, that ain't dental floss!).

Managers at the D.C. branch of AT&T Information Systems ($160).

Staffers at Parklawn Memorial Park ($125).

Staffers and friends of Zachary Taylor Elementary School in Arlington ($382).

Employes of Gruntal & Co. Inc. ($105).

The Holy Cross Ladies Duckpin Bowling Team ($36).

Harry F. Duncan Foundation Inc. ($1,000).

The Air Force Officers' Wives' Club of Washington, D.C. ($200).

Employes of the Music & Arts Center Inc. ($100).

N.A.B.E.T. stage managers/scenic and graphic artists at WRC-TV ($108).

Walter Reed Post No. 284 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Hyattsville ($50).

S. Harris Consultants Ltd. of Bethesda ($100).

The Altrusa Club of Montgomery County ($175).

The staff of the American Sociological Association ($100).

Holman & Stern (a law firm) and Fried, Klausner and Georgeson (an accounting firm) put together a joint gift of $130.

The workaday masses at MS Electronics Inc. of Gaithersburg ($360, in honor of the bosses -- Mick Simms, Mike McGraw, Tom Taylor, Gil Lilly and Bernie Smith).

The Heritage Foundation (a delicious $2,020).

The Production Control Staff (and generous friends thereof), Office of Central Reference, Central Intelligence Agency ($400).

The Anacostia A.C. Association ($200).

The staff of the Productivity and Work Measurement Division at the Government Printing Office ($25).

Staffers at The Horace Mann Learning Center, U.S. Department of Education ($50).

The Administrative Assistants Association of the U.S. House of Representatives ($500).

The Green Meadows Senior Citizens' Club ($50).

Employes of the Business Marketing Group at C&P Telephone, Calverton ($170).

Sears, Roebuck and Co.'s Corporate Governmental Affairs Office ($115).

The Friendly Clifton Bridge Club ($105).

Capital City Branch 67 of the Fleet Reserve Association ($67).

The folks at the U.S. Army Soldier Support Center in Alexandria ($110).

Linda Smaller's third period American Studies class at Williamsburg Intermediate School in Arlington ($30.43).

Employes at the National Institute of Education ($62).

Staffers at the law firm of Finkelstein, Thompson & Levenson ($50).

The Personnel Office staff, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor ($145).

Employes at the Civilian Personnel Office, Arlington Hall Station, Department of the Army ($140).

Ye Olde Poops, a federal retiree group ($127.50).

American Legion Auxiliary 217 in College Park ($200).

The Department of Pharmacology at George Washington University ($25).

The Social Science Division at Prince George's Community College ($400.50).

The Chevy Chasers Monday Morning Bowling League ($100).

Office of Oversight, General Services Administration ($200).

And Great Falls Grange No. 7381 ($20).

Truly stupendous, all of you. The kids thank you. So does the former kid punching these keys.


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.