Was an adventurous new hair style among your New Year's resolutions? If so, there's a new book for you. "Hip Hair" offers pictorial guidance for styles "from mohawks to Dredlocks and beyond," along with these tips:

* "If you want to keep your hard-core spikes for a long time (two weeks or so), instead of using gel on each spike, use a solution of Ivory soap and water. For an even stickier concoction, crack in an egg."

* "Many of the cooler hair stylists around say that if you really want to get superheight, all you have to do is spray your hair at the same time you are blow-drying it -- from the roots up, of course! Just watch that you don't fall into the Bride-of-Frankenstein trap by not shaping the hair occasionally during this double dose of styling."

* "How to get hard core spikes: Wet the hair and run a fairly thick consistency of gel through it. Decide how wide you want your spikes to be. Then start twirling that amount of hair, starting as close to the roots as possible. Use a nonaerosol spray on each spike after it's formed. After the entire crown has been spiked, and the sides are slicked back with gel, spray the whole head until your hair is as stiff as a surfboard.