ELLA DID IT. Sarah did it. And now Carlos Barbosa-Lima is doing it too -- compiling a distinctive anthology of recordings devoted to American popular song. Along the way, the Brazilian guitarist is giving South American composers their due as well.

His latest album, "Carlos Barbosa-Lima Plays the Music of Luiz Bonfa and Cole Porter," doesn't possess the guileless swing of the Gershwin works Barbosa-Lima previously recorded, or the syncopated charm of his Scott Joplin transcriptions. Rather, Barbosa-Lima's touch here is sweet seduction, pure and elegant.

Bonfa's tuneful romances, rippling with light Latin rhythms, recall Barbosa-Lima's knowing interpretations of Antonio Carlos Jobim's music. Gentle miniatures ("Amore Fascinante") and bright rhapsodies ("Manha de Carnival") spring to life under the guitarist's deft, resourceful hands.

Colorful chord voicings, shimmering harmonics and delicate counterpoint also enrich the Porter songbook. Although the selection ranges from the frivolous ("It's de'Lovely") to the classic ("Night and Day"), the guitarist treats all of them with great affection and artistry. CARLOS BARBOSA-LIMA -- "Carlos Barbosa Lima Plays the Music of Luiz Bonfa and Cole Porter" (Concord Concerto 20008); appearing Friday at 8 at The Barns of Wolf Trap.