Old News: Frank Sinatra does not like the press.

Update, courtesy of Barbara Howar:

"Listen, I want to tell you something," Sinatra told "Entertainment Tonight" reporter Howar at a Convention Center inaugural gala rehearsal Thursday night. "You read The Post this afternoon? You're all dead, every one of you. You're all dead."

Howar said yesterday she assumed Sinatra, the impresario for the two inaugural galas, was referring to Thursday's article in The Washington Post Style section about Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Sinatra was also mentioned in another story about inaugural parties, but, Howar said yesterday, she was too shocked to ask him to be more specific.

"I think he was lashing out at me as somebody who represented the press," she said yesterday. "I'm telling you, I've never seen such anger in someone's eyes. I grabbed hold of the railing because I knew he was going to hit me. I thought, 'Goodbye, front teeth.' "

He did not hit her. After delivering his message, complete with waving, gloved index finger, he turned around and walked off.

Sinatra had just completed the rehearsal when Howar approached him.

" 'Frank,' " Howar recalled saying to him, " 'I wonder if I could . . .' "

That was all it took. Sinatra was walking away, having already rebuffed Howar's previous attempt at a question, but he turned back.

" 'I'm thinking he's going to relent, but then I saw his eyes,' " Howar said. "I was very benign. I'm a 120-pound entertainment reporter, right? I'm not paparazzi."

All of this was captured for posterity by the cameras and microphones of WJLA. Last night, the film appeared on "Entertainment Tonight."

And the inaugural weekend is only just beginning.