Former television news anchor Christine Craft, who has been battling her former employers in court in her sex discrimination suit in which she alleged they removed her for being "too old and too unattractive," is looking toward a career in politics. Delivering the keynote address at the midyear commencement ceremony at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, the 40-year-old Craft said she plans to run for Congress in 1986 from the southern California district where the Reagans' ranch is located.

"I'm very active in my congressional district and would like very much to run in 1986," she said. "I want to be Ronald Reagan's congresswoman." Craft said she is writing a book about her experiences and is on the college lecture circuit to make the money necessary to keep fighting the court battle, which is still months from settlement. A jury awarded Craft $500,000 in her suit, which Metromedia is presently appealing.

But if Craft thinks they only worry about good looks for television anchors, just wait until the first high-paid political consultant decides her blond hair should be toned down and she should wear the kind of demure, no-nonsense dresses that Geraldine Ferraro wears.