Garry Trudeau made it, though he admitted to being a little under the weather following a bout with the flu that's been playing tag with his wife, "Today's" Jane Pauley, and their two young children.

And many of the 700 or so who made it to the Americans for Democratic Action's "Other Inaugural -- Dare to Be Different" at the Wax Museum last night managed to walk away with a little conversation from Trudeau or with a copy of the four-color poster Trudeau designed especially for the event (Zonker Harris in tails dancing alone, but with a smile on his face). At $25 a head, ADA members were not feeling quite as alone as Harris.

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, the current president of the 100,000-member ADA, said, "Most of the ADA people wouldn't have felt comfortable at the inaugural balls, but parties tend to be infectious, so we had ours" at the Wax Museum. It lured a bunch of congressmen, senators, Mayor Marion Barry and D.C. City Council member Hilda Mason.

Outgoing ADA president and former congressman Robert K. Drinan said, "The liberals are going to work and they are going to be heard. The dream of '88, a dream that Hubert Humphrey and Eleanor Roosevelt started in 1948, is still alive and well and we are here tonight to begin anew."

Partygoers got to fill in an entrance poll put together by Gary Hart's pollster Dottie Lynch. The leading questions were, "Some people say that the reason for the cold weather in Washington is that all Republicans are frigid. Others say that the absence of Democrats has caused a lack of hot air. Which is closer to your opinion?" and "Would you prefer tender words and cuddling by Cap Weinberger or the act with Barney Frank?" Results were still being tabulated at night's end.