If watches now do everything from wake you up in the morning to total the restaurant bill, why shouldn't they smell, too? Max Ingruth, president of Swatch Watch U.S.A. -- the hottest accessory item around, selling more than one million last year -- says a new group of pastel Swatch watches will smell like banana, raspberry or ice mint, "just for the fun of it." The idea came to him when he saw some scented toys. And when they decided on the colors for the spring line of Swatch watches, that was the clincher. "I love the Italian summer dessert granita di frutta, and these were the same color, so why not the same fragrance?"

The fragrance is mixed into the polyurethane band of the sleek watch, which contains laser-sealed, injection-molded plastic works. The scent might last six months in Alaska, Ingruth says, but if the watch is worn while swimming in, say, the Caribbean, the watch will work but the scent may disappear in a week.

The fragrant watch is strictly a one-shot thing for this spring, so don't look for a chocolate brown version in the future. "A chocolate watch? That would be obnoxious," says Ingruth.