Dennis Stein, last year's Elizabeth Taylor Fiance', planned to fly to Los Angeles yesterday and see the actress, even though she's given back the 20-carat sapphire ring (surrounded with diamonds) he gave her for their engagement.

According to a friend of Stein's here, Neil Fox, head of Raleighs, "They're still seeing each other." But Chen Sam, Taylor's spokeswoman, said Taylor and Stein agreed to break their engagement a week ago. Taylor returned the ring then.

"That's what people do when they break engagements" said Sam. "Elizabeth and Dennis are just like you and me. If a relationship doesn't work, it doesn't work.

"They are still very good friends. He's coming to Los Angeles for business meetings, but they do plan to see each other," said Sam.

Who's to play the costarring role of The Taylor Fiance' of 1985 hasn't yet been announced. One often mentioned candidate, husband number seven, Sen. John Warner, is saying "No comment," according to his press officer, Peter Loomis, who added firmly: "Yes, you can say they've remained friends over the years. But that's all."

Sam wouldn't say if Stein's Christmas holiday visit with Taylor and her family in Gstaad, Switzerland, precipitated the breakup. "I said they agreed to break up last week," said Sam.

Taylor finished "Malice in Wonderland," a movie in which she plays a gossip columnist in Hollywood, on Dec. 21. She will soon start a new movie, but Sam wouldn't say what it is.

Taylor recently celebrated a year's anniversary from a successful treatment at the Betty Ford Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Taylor, in an interview published yesterday in the The New York Times, said the center had freed her from taking sleeping pills and Percodan, as well as alcohol.